Nintendo is another of the big technology giants, which owns some of the biggest video game characters and consoles. In 2017, they launched the Nintendo Switch _ a hybrid console that can be used as a stationary and portable device. Coming with a Switch console; left and right joy cons; joy con wrist straps; the joy con grip; the Nintendo Switch doc; an HDMI Cable, and an A/C Adapter, it is designed to give gamers an independent gaming experience.

The joy cons act as the left and right sticks, and while some of the buttons, like A, B, X, and Y are on the front, others, which are needed to operate action, are on the sides. This is what I feel sends a message to me that _ although I want to play the same games as my non-disabled peers _ I’m not allowed to.

So why don’t I like the Nintendo Switch?

For years, I was a fan of everything Nintendo _ watching out for every updated product from the DS to the Wii U. When I first heard about the Nintendo Switch, I felt exactly the same way, but when I found out it wouldn’t be accessible for someone like me, I was disappointed. Not having any way to attach adaptive switches or joysticks makes me feel like I’m not allowed to enjoy it, and with Nintendo continuously ignoring calls for any accessibility features, makes me sorry to say that they’ve lost a costumer. My ideal hope is for them to create a Nintendo Adaptive Controller, but if they didn’t want to do that I would happily support them following PlayStation’s example in allowing you to change the accessibility features. One thing I will point out is that Microsoft have moved in making their platform more accessible, Sony _ while not perfect _ are at least moving towards making PlayStation more accessible, so what is Nintendo doing?

Rating: ⭐️


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