Gooseneck Phone Holder, Lamicall Phone Holder Review

The Gooseneck Phone Holder, Lamicall Phone Holder is a flexible arm for bed, but which can be used easily on any table surface as well. It has wide compatibility, and fits all 4-6.5 phones like the new iPhone 11 Pro and all the Xs, among others such as the Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxies up from the S6+, Huawei, and can also hold the Nintendo Switch.

With a 850mm length flexible arm design to keep stability and make the Gooseneck Phone Holder easy to twist, its design ensures your phone will stay secure and not fall. It also has a 360 rotation clip, allowing you to rotate your phone in any angle you want, whether it be for watching a movie, or taking advantage of every camera angle.

The Gooseneck Phone Holder can be clipped in an angle that is comfortable for your eyes, and is fixed to your posture, without causing eye or neck strain.

I bought the Gooseneck Phone Holder, Lamicall Flexible Holder for Bed after deciding to send back the Alfort Selfie Stick which I explained in last weeks review, as an experiment to see if there would be any easier ways of taking photos by myself (I can’t use my hands and feet, so I get around my phone with a stylus in my mouth). It’s easy to clamp to all my tables, and I’ve been able to take photos very easily. The only bit of criticism I’d give is that there are times when I try to press my stylus to my iPhone X when it moves away from me, and I would like it if pictures of it being used were on the box, which I would be completely happy being in, instead of just a brown box with a sketch of it. But those are my only problems with it.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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