Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit, 6 in 1 Review

The Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit, 6 in 1, is _ as the title suggests _ a lens accessory kit for mobile phones _ and can be bought on Amazon for around £20.

It comes in a box with a photo lens in front and extra writing about how it works with iPhone and tablet _ with more on the back about how to set it up. Inside, you get the 6 camera lenses _ a 12x zoom telephoto lens, 235° fish eye lens, 20X Macrolens and Wide Angle Lens, Starburst lens and CPL Lens _ a holder for your phone, a tripod, and a case to carry it in (which also contains a carrier pocket).

Each camera lens allows you to get a different angle or effect with your photos: the Telephoto one delivering superior quality, the wide angle one working great with group photos, the Macro lens capturing amazing close-ups, the Fisheye being able to create funny circular pictures, and with the Starburst Lens being able to add a dramatic star flare to very bright area, and the CPL lens eliminating reflected light and creating beautiful colour.

It is compatible with the iPhone 5-x and Samsung LG-S6, but might also work with most other smartphones and tablets.

I bought this so I would be able to get more interesting photos, instead of just using the camera on my phone without a lens _ though depending on the mood of what kind of photo I want, it works fine. The camera lenses are easy to connect, reposition, and take off, and I practiced the fish eye lens by taking photos of my cat (Which can be seen Twitter: @Phoebslyle). My only bit of criticism is I’m not too sure how secure the tripod is, but all the camera lenses are brilliant.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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