New iPad Pro 11-inch Review

The new iPad Pro is one of the newest editions of iPad, and has been sold as the best of iPads by far. Coming with a bigger screen, it’s also the first to lose the home button, and comes with Face ID _ which can be used in Portrait and Landscape. Many of the side buttons have been renamed, taken off and made smaller, and there is no headphone jack _ so you will have to use wireless headphones or EarPods. The internal microphone is now a whole lot louder, but with the bigger screen, this iPad has also got a lot more lighter.

The screen on this iPad is a Liquid Retina display from edge to edge, and has True-to-Life Colour and ProMotion technology _ making it feel more responsive.

An A12X Bionic Chip makes it incredibly smart, and perfect to use with AR and other types of immersive gaming. The Neural Engine runs 5 trillion operations per second, making it possible for you to even edit in Photoshop.

To get around the new iPad Pro you use the same gestures as we saw in the iPhone X series, and these can be changed in Settings if you can’t access all of them. If anyone’s reading this and can’t access all the gestures, you can see how to change it in my review of the iPhone X or in my tutorial on how to get more accessibility options.

It is also possible for you to record while scrolling through a script, or message while working on whatever, which you can do by sliding a second app on to the main app you have open.

If you have an Apple Pencil or are a fan of it, you can now charge it by attaching it magnetically to the side, and you can also get a folio smart keyboard case for whichever size of iPad you settle on. But I don’t have either the Apple Pencil or smart folio keyboard, instead choosing to settle on other types.

The charger for the new iPad Pro is USB-C, meaning you can plug it in to a digital camera, your phone, or anything else that also supports that type of connection.

The new iPad Pro has two cameras equipped with Smart HDR. These include a 12MP camera for stunning photos, 4K video, document scanning etc, and you also get a TrueDepth camera, Portrait Mode _ and access to FaceTime, Animoji, Memoji.

I got this iPad so I could do digital art easier, and to have other ways to photo edit. Like what I said about the iPhone X, the new iPad Pro was hard to get into (especially if you’re updating from the iPad Air) but since I got used to it and found out how to add accessibility shortcuts, I’ve loved everything about it. My only criticisms is how you have to use two fingers to zoom in to illustrations or turn them around, so I would like options for rotate and zoom to be added into the Accessibility settings.

The new iPad Pro can be bought with an 11 or 12.9 inch display, but what size you get makes no difference to how it works. At the time I got it, it cost between £769-£969, before you add in storage. Whether or not you should update depends on what you’ll be using it for, but if you’re not using it for creative reasons, or for other work, I would suggest you stick with a different model. The price might be different at different times in the year.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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