Dimples Excel New Generation Extra Long Styluses with Replaceble Nibs Review

The Dimples New Generation Extra Long Stylus is a pack of 4 extra large stylus pens, with a 7.5 inch Ultra Slim Radius, and a 3mm Micro-Knit Hybrid Fiber tip, referred to in this as a nib. It also comes with replacement nibs _ so if you lose one you can easily replace it _ and elastic tether lanyards. But if you use your mouth, this could be a choking hazard, so they are very easy to take off.

The length of the stylus means it’s easy to touch your touchscreen at a longer distance, and although I still have to ask for my table to be brought closer, I can now reach my iPad when I’m using it with my keyboard case, and on another high note, I can also reach all over my phone without struggling.

The radius 3mm Micro-Knit hybrid fiber tips are the most responsive and finest tip available! An aluminium body, mixed the Micro—knit hybrid tips make it feel like your holding a real pen, only one that is 100% compatIble with all touch screen devices!

As well as your stylus pens, you also get 4 replaceable nibs, which can be put in and pulled out again whenever you need. This is very helpful as I have experiences of losing nibs, which I now have the option of replacing until I find them _ and a nib going missing or breaking no longer means throwing out the whole stylus.

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the package also comes with elastic tether strings, and 2 extra if you need them. These are so you can attach the stylus to the side of whichever device you’re using, but since I do everything with my mouth, I don’t use them.

I’ve tried many different stylus brands over the years, but put simply, Dimples Excel are the best I’ve tried in a long time. I find the stylus exceptionally light (probably because I’ve been using my mouth for so long that most weights don’t bother me any more), but other than having to disconnect the tether lanyard strings, I find them completely accessible for my type of disability.

The Dimples Excel New Generation XXL Stylus Pens are available on Amazon in Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold; Pink, Purple, Light blue and black; and Dark Blue, Green, Silver and Red.

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


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