Apple Arcade: Thoughts and Review

Apple Arcade is a new subscription service from Apple _ where Apple has joined forces with some of the world’s most visionary developers to give you unlimited access to over 100 games, rolling out over the next few months! Apple’s plan is to push the boundaries and make it possible to create the games of your dreams _ which you can download for free with one cheap bundle!

There are a range of games and genres available _ including ones like Shinsekai of the Deep; Sonic Racing; and loads of other genres like Puzzles!

With Apple Arcade you have access to literally every type of game, and with multiplayer options as well! Most of the games I find accessible, but some are easier to play on some devices more than others! There are also games you can play if you’re in to more relaxing games, and exciting ones for if you’re a more intense gamer! It has games available for all ages, but as far as accessibility is concerned, I would say it depends on your level of disability.

You get a free month trial when you sign up to Apple Arcade, and after that it costs 4:99.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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