Seagate External Hard Drive for Xbox One Review

Let’s face it! Nothing gets more annoying other than your gaming console running out of Storage _ whether you’re on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch or PC (though maybe it’s beaten by being forced into lockdown during a global pandemic) _ but second to that. The Hard Drive I’ve been using is 4TB and costs about £105, but there are lower amounts of storage ones available as well, and costing slightly cheaper.

The Hard Drive comes in a green see-through box, with you being able to see the Hard Drive through it. Information will be displayed at the top of it and at the back about your storage and some other information. When you open it, you’ll see the Hard Drive, an HDMI Cable and information to help set it up, but now let’s get in to explaining how you do the setup and how you save games to it. The setup is the same with all hard drives.

So if you have your Xbox turned on, all you’ll have to do is plug one bit of the USB into the External Hard Drive, and the other bit into the Xbox. What will then happen is something will appear on the screen asking if you want to set up an external hard drive, and after you click format storage device, it will ask you to name it, then if you want to add games and apps to it.

This is the point where I just started adding games, but if you want to keep your current location, that’s fine. Overall, I think the setup is accessible for everyone to do, and the amount of storage I have still hasn’t ran out.


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