Logitech G Xbox Adaptive Gaming Kit Review

What’s up TR fans and welcome back for another blog here on Technology Reviews! I’ve been taking a break from this for a while so I can concentrate on applying for jobs and writing my book, and for this reason, I’ve planned to only update roughly every two weeks, although updates will still be coming!

But now, let’s get into my review of the Xbox Adaptive Gaming Kit!

The Xbox Adaptive Gaming Kit By Logitech is a collection of high performance and durable buttons and triggers for the Xbox Adaptive Controller to further enhance adaptive gameplay. To develop a comprehensive set of controls for ultimate configuration and flexibility, Logitech G worked with different accessibility organisations, and in the months following Christmas when I’ve been playing around with them, I have to say I’m pleased with how professional these switches feel.

The Xbox Adaptive Gaming Kit by Logitech

The box that your switches come in has a green header with the Xbox logo on it, above a black header with Xbox One on it, although these switches will also work on the Xbox Series X and S or any other Xbox you have. Another Xbox Logo appears at the bottom, parallel to the blue Logitech G logo, and under the blue Adaptive Gaming Kit text, which has more information about it in 3 different languages. There’s more information about the switches and what’s included at the back, but I think I would have liked seeing a bit more about Logitech G on it, as it’s Logitech and not Microsoft who have developed the switches and put everything together, although you do see a bit of the Adaptive Controller at the side, which is by Microsoft.

The first thing you’ll see when you open the Gaming Kit is a guide to how you put everything together, and when you move that, you’ll see stickers and your sticky stuff, which you can stick to a tray or around your arm. You also get 3 tray mats, which you can put on any tray or your lap if you’d like to use them, and when you move them you’ll see all the different compartments which hold all your switches and a couple of bags.

As someone who is paralysed from the neck down, I think it’s brilliant that you get so much, but as I can use all the front buttons of a controller and only need help with the back buttons unless I’m playing something that requires more, I probably don’t need as much out of it.

The switches you get are 4 light touch buttons, 2 variable triggers, 3 small buttons and 3 large buttons, which all come with 3mm wires and can plug into the back of the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

After using them for a few months, my favourite thing about these switches is how professional they feel and sound, and to let you know what I’m talking about, here’s a video clip of me clicking one of the switches which I have mapped to a trigger.

But what do I think about the Xbox Adaptive Gaming Kit overall? I like the number of switches you get in the kit, how professional they feel when compared to the other switches I bought, and all the extra bits you get alongside them. However, the one disadvantage to it is the price. In the UK, you can get it for £89.99, which is even more expensive in American Dollars. Some households wouldn’t be able to afford it, and a lot of disabled people come from low earning households. Therefore, although I will give this 5 stars for everything you get in it and for the quality of what you get, for it being a good enough price for the background I’m from, and for the price being good giving I’d have to pay more for just one switch, if someone from an underprivileged background is watching, it might not be the best for you, and I’ll finish this blog saying it might be good for it to become part of the Black Friday market, or for it to be discounted at other times of the year, same as the Adaptive Controller.


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