XG-13 Wireless Earphone Review

What’s up TR Fans and welcome back for another review here on Technology Reviews! Today we’re going to be looking at a pair of XG-13 wireless earphones that were made in China and which I got for my 23rd in January, so let’s see how accessible they are.

Just a quick note, though, that this is going to be the last review blog coming out on here until the 19th of April as I’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the accident that left me disabled on April the 9th, which I’ll be making a video for to highlight my story. My plan at the minute is to maybe upload a video on the Phoebs Does Technology Reviews YouTube Channel as a My Story video, but it will all depend on what sort of music I include, so I might include it on here but we’ll have to see.

But now, let’s get into the review.

The version of the XG-13 Wireless Earphones I have are the Version 5.0+ in EDR and Bluetooth range, with a transmission rate of 10M. The transmit power is 2.402-2 to 484GHZ, and the included Charging Case Battery Capacity is 350MAH.

XG-13 Charging Case

The case itself is small, so you’re able to take the earphones wherever you go with ease. Then, if you want to charge one or both of the earphones, you would just plug a DC 5V charger into the back, which for Skullcandy fans like myself, is the same charger we’ve been using, but if you don’t have that sort of charger, you can get them for cheap on Amazon. But they also charge if you just place them in the case, without you having to charge the case as well.

You get a talk time of about 3 and a half hours, music time of about 4h, standby time of about 120 hours, so you definitely get good usage out of them.

When you open the case, the earphones look like this, and they should be a good enough size for whoever’s using them. They are available in black and white.

So what do I think about the XG-13 Wireless Earphones overall? I like how clear you can hear sound on them, and I think it’s cool that you can charge them inside the case. Each time I’ve charged them, they’ve been able to charge quickly, and I like how I’m not required to have them both on constantly, as well as the voice you hear to tell you they’re connected.

But even then, there are a few problems. As many of you know, I use my head to do things that other people take for granted, and it’s for this reason why my Skullcandy headphones are still my main headphones, and I only use these one of these ones in one ear at a time when I’m watching something. Although they are comfortable, they would fall out of my ears more if I used them with everything else I do, but they are accessible depending on when they’re used, like if you sleep on your side.

Like my other headphone reviews on here, the only other thing I’d like to see would be a voice control feature, so I can control the volume and other features on them if, for example, I drop my stylus, but other than that, I’d give them four stars.


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