What I Got for My 24th Birthday

What’s up TR Fans and welcome back for blog 2 O of 2022’s technology coverage here on Technology Reviews. Today, I’m going to be telling you what all I got for my 24th birthday, which will also give insight into some of the coverage that will be coming out this year.

So starting off with my big present, I got an iPhone 13, which I’m hoping to do a lot of blogs / vlogs on this year, and which I’m extremely happy with. The first of these will hopefully come out at the beginning of next month, but I’ll be doing more with it than just the accessibility review, so please look out for more of these reviews on YouTube and on the blog in the next few months.

As well as this, I also got the paperback version of ’Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline, which I’ve wanted to read for a very long time. I won’t be reviewing this on either of my sites though — because book reviews just honestly aren’t my thing — but if you do like that sort of thing, you’ll be able to get many of them elsewhere online.

But other than that, the only other things I got were money — which I used on my birthday night out and which will be put towards a few online film courses otherwise — art pens, and the Sim card for my new phone. One of the blogs that will come out eventually is a comparison between my old phone — the iPhone X — which I’m still going to hold onto — and my new iPhone 13 — but this one is a big while away.

Hope you enjoyed this blog anyhow, and I will be posting another review on here either by the end of January, or at some point in February.


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