Breaking News: Queen Elizabeth II Dies Aged 96

Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully earlier this afternoon at Balmoral castle, surrounded by two of her children, Charles (Now King Charles III), and Anne, The Princess Royal.

News broke at lunchtime from the palace that Her Majesty was under medical supervision amid concern for health, telling the public that we should expect the worst.

Charles will now succeed to the throne immediately, reigning under the name, Charles III, and with Camilla by his side as his Queen Consort.

Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t born to be Queen, but had the role thrust on her after her Uncle, Edward VII, abdicated the throne so that he could marry Wallis Simpson. Her father became George VI, and was the monarch to bring us the entire way through World War II.

Elizabeth became Queen in 1952, after her father died while she and her late-husband, Phillip, were in a tree house in Kenya. On her 21st birthday she promised to dedicate the whole of her life to our service, which was a promise she kept until the end of her life, carrying out her last public duty just 48 hours before her death.

Having reigned for 70 years, the world has changed a great deal since she came to power. From being a country that had only got out of war a couple of years before, to a decade that saw the moon landings, as well as a massive musical change, decades of civil unrest in Northern Ireland, and the advancement of the television era, she also saw the launch of the Social Media Age, and in 2014, sent her first tweet.

A mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother, the nation will be feeling tonight like we’ve all lost a grandmother. Outliving her beloved husband by just over a year, we saw her celebrate her Platinum Jubilee earlier this year, marking mass celebrations in all corners across the globe.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II marks the end of an era, with many people like myself never knowing what life was like under any other monarch. Elizabeth I may have set an example for how women can become successful monarchs, but Elizabeth II has set an example for what every monarch should be! So as we say goodbye to the monarch who many this evening have called Elizabeth The Great, I know I’m not the only person who will be saying Rest In Peace, Your Majesty! As our Queen, you did us proud!


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