Breaking News: Two Citizens Killed in Poland Near Ukraine Border as Fear Rises Russian Missiles Were Involved

Two people have been killed in an explosion in a Polish village close to Ukraine, on Tuesday, 15th November.

NATO allies are investigating unconfirmed reports the blast was caused by Russian missiles.

The explosion occurred after Russia fired missiles across many Ukrainian cities, which Kyiv has said makes them the heaviest strikes since start of the invasion.

Poland is a member of NATO, which is committed to collective defence — and for that reason — the possibility that the explosion resulted from an international or accidental Russian strike has raised concerns.

A NATO official has said the alliance is looking into the reports and is closely coordinating with Poland.

According to the Associated Press, a senior U.S. Intelligent Official has said the blast in the eastern Polish village was caused by Russian missiles crossing into Poland.

At 11:51am on Wednesday 16th November, Poland’s President, Andrzej Duda, said the missile was probably a Ukrainian air defence, adding that little evidence exists to suggest the attack was an intentional attack from Russia.

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