Primark in Birmingham Review

Birmingham’s Primark store opened in 2019, and is well known for being the world’s largest Primark store, with a building that includes over five floors. It’s facilities include a Disney Cafe, a Primarket Cafe, beauty studios, exclusive stores within the shop (including Disney and Harry Potter shops), custom tees, Smokey Barbers, and Wornwell, and it even has a Changing Places facility.

I went to the shop while I was on holiday in Birmingham back in July, and in this blog, I’m going to be telling you how accessible it is if you’re planning a trip with a disabled loved one or friend.

We went over to the Bullring after leaving Cadbury World, but it was slightly difficult finding the building. At one point, we needed help getting me up the hill (quite a problem because I only had my manual wheelchair and it was during the heat wave), but we did get help in the end, and once we reached the store, everything was ok.

The building itself a lot of our group found overwhelming, and I have to admit, I feel kind of the same. With Primark in Birmingham being the biggest store in the world, we found ourselves having problems keeping track of where we had just visited and where we hadn’t seen. I feel like trying to catch a lift was also difficult, much because of these factors as well.

But away from the world’s biggest Primark factor, I did find it accessible to get round. The aisles were wide enough for me to get round, and there wasn’t too many things that fell down after attaching to my armrests (though it did still happen)

It’s also nice that they have a Changing Places toilet — though they can only be accessed via a Radar key — which I more than understand, especially giving the way identity politics is going. I didn’t get a chance to see round it because we’d left my sling at the hotel, but it is good that there is an accessible toilet there.

In the end, I managed to escape with only four things (two pyjama leggings, a Disney water bottle and a Disney bag) but because it’s so big, I don’t even think I got to see half of it, but I would be interested in looking into seeing around more of it, if I go back.

So overall, I think Primark in Birmingham is accessible, and I’ll definitely give them 5 stars.


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