Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones: Are These the Best Wireless Headphones Ever?

The Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are Bluetooth Wireless Headphones developed and sold by Skullcandy Inc, and which did cost £100 on Amazon a couple of months ago, but now cost £79.99 on Amazon. I bought them with one of my pay checks while completing a couple of work experiences this year when they were selling at the more expensive price point, but were they worth the money?

The bag that the headphones came in said “Let today be the start of something new” and when I got the box out of the bag, you could really see how glossy the box was.

On top of the box you get the usual Skullcandy logo, along with the words: ‘All Music. No Noise.’ followed by the word ‘Venue’. Below that, you have some more information on what all the Skullcandy Venues offer, including on how much charge the headphones give you depending on how long they charge for, and to give you just an idea of how good these are, just 5 minutes of charging will give you five hours of usage.

The case that the headphones are very Beats-like, but probably bigger and in my opinion, better looking.

The case is easy to open, and inside it, you get the headphones, the charger, some more information about the headphones and how to set them up, and a couple of wires.

There is some more information about the headphones around the back, but there’s nothing more to say about them other than that.

It’s easy to connect your headphones to whatever phone you have, and as soon as I put them on, I couldn’t hear anything, not even anyone talking to me. The Active Noise Cancelation is extremely good, and I haven’t even found myself listening to stuff as high as I normally would with my Skullcandy Uproar Wireless, with which I had to put my volume up fully. The charge is amazing – especially given that my older headphones (which I had used every day) had started losing charge, but it works well at the minute when I use them side by side.

I haven’t been able to test the Tile feature yet, which lets you track where your headphones were are, but you also get a monitor mode, as well as the Activate Assistant mode. But as someone who has wanted these headphones for years and has just been able to buy them recently, I’m very happy with what I got.

XG-13 Wireless Earphone Review

What’s up TR Fans and welcome back for another review here on Technology Reviews! Today we’re going to be looking at a pair of XG-13 wireless earphones that were made in China and which I got for my 23rd in January, so let’s see how accessible they are.

Just a quick note, though, that this is going to be the last review blog coming out on here until the 19th of April as I’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the accident that left me disabled on April the 9th, which I’ll be making a video for to highlight my story. My plan at the minute is to maybe upload a video on the Phoebs Does Technology Reviews YouTube Channel as a My Story video, but it will all depend on what sort of music I include, so I might include it on here but we’ll have to see.

But now, let’s get into the review.

The version of the XG-13 Wireless Earphones I have are the Version 5.0+ in EDR and Bluetooth range, with a transmission rate of 10M. The transmit power is 2.402-2 to 484GHZ, and the included Charging Case Battery Capacity is 350MAH.

XG-13 Charging Case

The case itself is small, so you’re able to take the earphones wherever you go with ease. Then, if you want to charge one or both of the earphones, you would just plug a DC 5V charger into the back, which for Skullcandy fans like myself, is the same charger we’ve been using, but if you don’t have that sort of charger, you can get them for cheap on Amazon. But they also charge if you just place them in the case, without you having to charge the case as well.

You get a talk time of about 3 and a half hours, music time of about 4h, standby time of about 120 hours, so you definitely get good usage out of them.

When you open the case, the earphones look like this, and they should be a good enough size for whoever’s using them. They are available in black and white.

So what do I think about the XG-13 Wireless Earphones overall? I like how clear you can hear sound on them, and I think it’s cool that you can charge them inside the case. Each time I’ve charged them, they’ve been able to charge quickly, and I like how I’m not required to have them both on constantly, as well as the voice you hear to tell you they’re connected.

But even then, there are a few problems. As many of you know, I use my head to do things that other people take for granted, and it’s for this reason why my Skullcandy headphones are still my main headphones, and I only use these one of these ones in one ear at a time when I’m watching something. Although they are comfortable, they would fall out of my ears more if I used them with everything else I do, but they are accessible depending on when they’re used, like if you sleep on your side.

Like my other headphone reviews on here, the only other thing I’d like to see would be a voice control feature, so I can control the volume and other features on them if, for example, I drop my stylus, but other than that, I’d give them four stars.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Xbox Gaming Headset Review

What’s up TR fans and welcome back for another headset review with Technology Reviews! When I started this blog a year ago, I started it with a review of my Scullcandy headphones, but since then, I didn’t publish any more headphone reviews. That changes today with this review of the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Xbox Gaming Headset! This is going to be one of the last reviews I’m going to publish for a while because I’m going to be bringing you a few other technology stories based on stuff that’s been announced recently and ones that might help us deal with circumstances of this year (I know, 2020 sucks), and I’m very excited to bring this all to you! However, this will be one of the only ones getting a video on YouTube, which I will get round to updating again soon!

So now, let’s get into this review!

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is a wireless gaming headset for Xbox, which I’ve been using each time I’ve been gaming on Xbox this year. Rated “One of the best wireless headsets you can use on Xbox One,” by WIRED, it has full surround sound and superhuman hearing, which really impresses me as far as Audio goes. The one I have is for Xbox since that’s my preferred console platform from the accessibility point and compatible with PC, but there’s also ones you can get for the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Xbox Wireless provides you with a best-in-class wireless gaming audio experience on Xbox One, by letting you connect your STEALTH 600 gaming headset directly to your console without an adapter, the same way you’d connect your xbox wireless controller. Xbox Wireless automatically configures the headset’s connection, so you just have to turn it on and start playing!

Glasses friendly with an all-day 15 hour battery, as someone who uses glasses depending on how much text is in a game and depending on where I’m playing, you won’t feel like they get in the way.

It also has a microphone.

When we get into the box, you’ll see your literature, and the headset itself will be in the green packaging. I like how the packaging, itself, shows off the Xbox colours, and the Turtle Beach engraving, but other than that, they also seemed easy to get out.

So what do I think about the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 overall? The audio on it is good, and the battery lets you enjoy hours of wireless audio fun. Most of my gaming at the minute is single player _ so I can’t comment much on how well the microphone works _ but I might be able to comment more on it in future if I get more into multiplayer. The only thing I’d like to say from the Accessibility view point _ like I said in my Skullcandy review _ is about the idea of voice activated headphones / headsets. There’s been times when I’ve turned the headset on that the volume is completely down, and voice activation would just allow me _ as someone who can only use her head _ to turn them up without having to ask someone to turn the volume up for me. But other than that, I love them.

Skullcandy Uproar Wireless Headphones Review

Skullcandy Uproar Wireless are wireless headphones by Skullcandy, and available from £24.24-£50.98 on Amazon, $63 and €56. Their colours include white, grey and red; street, grey fade and heather; red and black; blue and cream; black and grey; and black. In this blog, I will be reviewing the white, grey and red ones.

The box that they come in has the word Uproar on the side of it, with a picture of the headphones on front, some more pictures at the side, and some more information _ available in English, Spanish and French _ at the back, along with a diagram showing what each button is for. So what comes inside the box?

Inside the box you get the headphones, a charger to charge them with, and a set up guide. To set them up. you just have to hold down the round, red, microphone button at the side of them, but depending on when or on what device you use them, you might have to do this for a long time as a short press could result in a call to emergency services, while a long press connects or disconnects. Pressing the buttons is even easy for me to do as a paralysed person, as the following image shows with me pressing it with a chopstick.

To say you’ve disconnected the headphones will let out a small tune, and to let you know it’s connected it follows that tune with a few buzzes. If you are using them with a phone or tablet, it beeps to tell you when your volume is completely up, but the same doesn’t happen on any computer or laptop. They also come with 10 hours battery life, allowing them to be used for all-day activities. The same tune that tells you they’ve disconnected is also the tune that tells you if they’ve ran out of charge.

So what do I think of the Skullcandy Uproar Wireless Over-Ear Headphones over all? When I first tried them, I was absolutely blown away, not only by how clearly I can hear whatever music, audiobook, or news programme I am listening to, but also by how loudly I could hear myself type when on my phone or iPad. I originally bought them so I could play games or record tunes without disturbing anyone on my new iPad Pro _ which doesn’t have a headphone jack but I will review later _ but thanks to how comfortable they are and how clear the volume is, they are my every day headphone which I use alongside my black, wired Skullcandy headphones. I also like how useful its alert sounds are.

Judging the sound, how comfortable it is and its accessibility to me as a disabled person, I will give Skullcandy Uproar Wireless 5 stars.