I am a blogger, Vlogger, Freelance Journalist and Question Writer / a wannabe Independent Filmmaker. who’s interests include Politics, Technology, Tourism, and Accessibility, and who’s film interests include Documentary, Fantasy, Game Shows, and really just about anything.

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Latest from the Blog

Reactions to WWDC: What Was Announced and What are My Views?

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, often shortened to WWDC, took place from Monday 6 – 10th June, with the keynote lasting for nearly 2 hours. Many videos were released throughout the days following the conference, but in today’s blog, I’m going to outline everything that Apple announced, and give my thoughts on how accessible the next … Continue reading Reactions to WWDC: What Was Announced and What are My Views?

Anlan Neck Massager Review

The Anlan Neck Massager is a massager by the company, Anlan. This was another one of the Christmas presents I got last year, which I was hoping to review quicker than now, but for various reasons between work and other coverage I’ve wanted to get out elsewhere, I haven’t been able to get it out … Continue reading Anlan Neck Massager Review

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