Hey guys! First of all, sorry for not updating in forever. There’s still a few problems with the set up of the iRig Mic, and while I think I’ve got some stuff sorted, there’s still a few things I’m still not quite sure about. So this is only a review of what I think about the iRig mic from experience I have with it, and I will post Part 2 as soon as everything gets sorted.

On another note, on 31st October, I’m thinking of posting about how I edit, so if you like the accessible vibe of this blog, please comment if you would like that on Technology Reviews on Facebook, contacting @Phoebslyle on Twitter, or commenting below.

The Review

The iRig Mic Lav is a clip on microphone by IK Multimedia, and which can be used on iOS and Android. What makes it different to other versions is that it lets you plug in to iRigs to a single device, which you can also attach your headphones to. To switch between headphones and recording, you can switch the control between a labelled headphone unit, and a microphone setting.

You will need to order extra parts if you’re using it on iPhone X, and the same with the iPad Pro 11 inch. If you’re getting the iRig new, you will also have to register it.

What is my Experience with iRig Mic Lav / What are the Problems I’m Having?

I tried using the iRig Mic during a one-day Podcasting workshop I went to, and through that experience, I found it both accessible, and very good at capturing sound. However, setting it up at home has proven very difficult, mostly because I haven’t found any in-depth guides on how to make it work on iPhone X or the 11-inch iPad Pro. This is something I think IK Multimedia should fix in future with their setup guides.

Although it would be unfair to give the iRig Mic Lav my full judgement now, at the minute _ thinking of my experience with it and how hard it’s proving to set up _ I will give it ***.


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