Ghosts Series 3 Review: A Feel Good Comedy and Why and What We Need to See in Another See in another series *Includes Spoilers*

Ghosts is a feel good Comedy on BBC1, and started airing in 2019. Brought to us by the cast of Horrible Histories, it follows a young couple, Alison and Mike Cooper, as they inherit a house, which ends up being haunted by ghosts. But how does the newest series look compared to Series 1 and Series 2, and if a 4th Series gets commissioned, what else do we have to find out?

A quick warning however that no announcement of Series 4 has been announced yet, so all speculations about the future of this series isn’t certain.

I fell in love with Ghosts after watching the first series after it first aired in 2019, and as one of the kids who grew up watching ‘Horrible Histories’ – albeit, slightly later – I thought it was a fabulous adult version of the much loved Children’s TV Show – with a mix of adult and kid jokes. Soon, I started watching it over and over again, making my friends watch it, and deciding all of my favourite characters. But how does the current series (Series 3) mark up to Series 1 and 2, and do we need to see another series?

One of the many things that makes this series such a delight is how we get to learn more about the ghosts, beyond what was uncovered in Series 1 and 2. I like how in Episode 1, we got to learn more about Sir Humphrey Bone (the headless ghost played by Laurence Rickard), and the premise of the documentary being made about him I think gives it a lot more ground, instead of what it would have been like if the ghosts had have just sat around and done it as part of the group club. The death scene is something that, if you’re familiar with the Horrible Histories sketch, ‘Stupid Deaths’, was stupid enough, an I could hear the ‘Stupid Deaths’ theme tune in my head as soon as it happened. But away from the death story, I also liked the action with Barclay Beg-Chetwynde, and how Alison and the ghosts were terrified that he would have a heart attack and die in the house, thus haunting them forever.

But it isn’t just Sir Humphrey we learn more about, because in Series 3 episode 5, we learn a lot more about Kitty, played by Lolly Adefope. In the episode, we see Alison set up a therapy session for Kitty to talk about her memories with her sister, who I think wins the award for worst sister ever. I couldn’t help but get upset when Eleanor sabotaged Kitty’s dress, each time she said stuff like “Well I was her true daughter”, and how she ultimately stopped Kitty from going to the ball. But still, the way Lolly played Kitty in each of those scenes was absolutely fantastic, and even those who don’t get upset at shows would find it hard not to. I did like how they were able to sneak in bits of humour as well though, such as being invited to Lord Bummenbach’s ball, who’s “balls are the most magnificent in the county.”

And we’ve also finally found out how Julian died (the trouserless MP played by Simon Farnaby), which, probably cleaner than expected, ends up being from alcohol – sure what would you expect?

The rest of the series includes a visitor from someone claiming to be Alison’s half sister, Mike feeling jealous of the relationship Alison has with the ghosts, and a very mischievous Julian, who drives Mike, and the others, insane.

But to answer the question of this article, what do I think about this Series of Ghosts overall, and do we need to see a series 4? Well compared to Series 2, I think Series 3 is funnier, and it could be one of the best Series overall. Away from the episodes I’ve mentioned, One of the best lines of the Series was delivered in episode 2 by Lady Fanny Button played by Martha Howe-Douglas, when she said “You forget that before the iceberg the Titanic was a very pleasant ship,” which is still the one line I think about when thinking of the best parts of the series.

So in relation to a possible Series 4, the easy part is saying that I think they could do it. We still need to find out how Kitty died, but as the second Christmas special has already been confirmed, I guess that’s what that will be about. As well as Kitty, we also need to find out the events leading up to Mary’s death, how Robin died, more about Lady B and about Julian, plus the Captain still needs to come out, and the Plague ghosts need to be delved into a bit more. So I would say we need at least one more series, plus a Christmas special. And how would Alison and Mike find raising children in a house haunted by ghosts?

But for a series that had to cut out a large percentage of their characters because of the restrictions put upon the film industry due to the Coronavirus (obviously I mean the Plague ghosts), it was extremely well done, and I will give this series of ghosts 10 stars.

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