What I Got For Christmas 2022 + More Details on My Content Schedule for next year

Merry belated Christmas everyone and welcome back for my first Christmas blog on this site! This blog will also be appearing on my Technology Reviews site later on, so if you’d like to see it on that as well, the link where you can see that is www.technologyreviews.co.uk.
For that reason, some of the gifts I got are going to be more significant to the Technology Reviews blog than this one — though, like I did this year, some Technology Reviews blogs will also be covered on here — so hopefully all of this makes sense.

But now, let’s get into everything I got.

So one of the first things I got out of my Santa Sack was a tin of Lindor truffles, which you have no idea how happy I was about, because they are actually my favourite chocolates. I also got some clothes — a black top; a shirt with a joke about needing to get coffee (those who know me personally know I can’t tolerate people before coffee) and another furry scarf which is extremely comfortable — and also in there was a knitting pattern for a Georgian dress, which will be getting made for me after we go up and get some material.
Some other stuff I got were a book on how to become a travel writer, which will be helpful for some of the content I will be bringing to you next year, a shower speaker that is compatible with Alexa — that will be reviewed on my Technology site — a new 3TB Hard Drive, since I’ve had problems with my old one recently, a new charger for my Apple Magic Keyboard, and a painting / colouring by numbers of my dog, Chloe.
Lastly, some more of the Santa presents I got were tickets to go and see Six again at the Grand Opera House — which I might do a blog on answering whether or not it’s worth going to again — but also tickets to see The Hunchback of Notre Dame at the Grand Opera House.

My reviews for them will be available on The Phoebs Lyle Podcast after I go to see them, hopefully sooner than my reviews of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and Chicago came out.

As far as the gifts I got from other people as well goes, however, there is definitely a lot to add on.

My readers will know that I am a big fan of the BBC Comedy ‘Ghosts’, which I have uploaded reviews of as well. So keeping within that theme, some of the other presents I got from one of my friends were a coaster, a mug and a Christmas card of one of my favourite characters in Ghosts, being the Romantic Regency poet, Thomas Thorne. (Yes, they do all have the phrase: “Damn Your Eyes!”
Someone else also got me a Disney mug and socks, and as well as that, I got A LOT of chocolate — those being another Bespoke Chocolate Shoe from Cadbury World, and some Hotel Chocolat chocolate sections.
Hotel Chocolat is a slightly expensive chocolate shop in Belfast, but which does extremely good chocolate, as well as hot chocolate.
Another package, however, did arrive a couple of days before Christmas from Spain, which had actually been sent over by my Spanish family (or some family friends in Spain who I owe my life to). These were a mix of Spanish chocolates, coffees and a candle, so muchos gracias para los regalos y Feliz Navidad (thanks very much for the gifts and Happy Christmas).
And I did also get an Amazon Voucher from one of my Aunts when I was over visiting the family for our Christmas Dinner, as well as a Gin and Tonic set, and a rather rude keyring which I can add to my collection.

So what are the plans for my upload schedule in 2023?

A couple of months ago, I announced on my Phoebs Lyle Journalism Channel that I would try to upload content every Wednesday and Friday, and that I’d update my PL Tech Reviews Channel once every two weeks. However, sometimes it was difficult doing this — mostly because there was often a few technical difficulties but also just because I felt too tired sometimes, which I’ve taken into consideration for everything I’m thinking of doing next year.

So as far as everything on this website and my Phoebs Lyle Journalism channel goes, I’m still going to upload twice a week, but I’m not going to commit myself to uploading on certain days, as there are a lot of other things such as completing a book, figuring out how I’m going to advance the podcast and getting back to work that I need to figure out as well, and also trying to have a social life.

The technology site and channel will then stay to a once every few weeks schedule, although I will also see how well a weekly schedule goes as well, but more details will be available on a later date.

I‘m only going to be posting again on the 8th of January for a Birthday Special, and I’ll be taking a couple of weeks break now until the week of the 23rd of January after that, when you’ll see my reviews of a couple of Christmas shows and specials, including a review of The Santa Clauses and of the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, which both came out on DisneyPlus. The week after that, you’ll have my review of BBC Ghosts‘ Christmas Special, but I can’t say yet what will come after that, as I just haven‘t been able to plan that far.

But thanks for taking the time to read this, and Happy New Year!


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