What I Got for My 25th Birthday

Welcome back for another birthday special, as my body gives me the gift of a mature brain as I turn 25. In today’s blog, I’m going to outline what I got for my 25th birthday.

So keeping to the theme of everything I put on my Christmas Wish List, I got a bracelet, and a Double Headed Hook Mobile Phone Holder for the car, which should make filming trips I go on slightly easier.

I also got a green cardigan, another usb phone charger, and some string lights for my room which I can plug in.

As well as this, however, I also got tickets to go to a couple of shows — one of which is to a Jazz gig on the 27th of January down in Bangor Court House — and the other which is to go and see Evita at the Grand Opera House on the 22nd of September.

Both of these will be reviewed shortly after I go to see them.

And of course, other than all of this, I also got a couple of Rosé wine and Champagnes, which I will make sure to get through shortly.

But other than that, that’s everything. I will be returning to my twice a week upload schedule by the week of the 23rd with some tv reviews of Christmas shows I watched over Christmas, with some more content coming soon after.

So until then, I wish you all the best, and I’ll talk to you all again soon.


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